Small Bundle of Joy

Small Bundles of Joy (5 dumplings per bundle) – 10
– served with side salad and fried rice

Main St.
chicken/cabbage/green onions

chicken/collard greens/ginger

Madras Magi
chicken/cabbage/curry/bell peppers/green onions

Thai Way
shrimp/chicken/papaya/basil/carrots/red bell pepper 🍳

All American
pork bbq/red cabbage/celery/carrots

Good Earth
chinese broccoli/cellophane bean noodles

Squash It!
squash/zucchini/carrots/sweet potato/ginger 🍳

Wasabi Blu
pure crab meat/cilantro/green onion/carrots/wasabi 🌶

Packers 45
lean turkey meat/celery/cayenne spices 🍳

Suteki Steaky
steak/napa cabbage/bell peppers

Cha Cha Chives
pork/chives/shiitake mushroom/sriracha chili 🍳

New Moon

🍳 pan-fried
🌶 chili hot