Power Lunch

Power Lunch – 10
served with side salad & rangoon puff

Batik Tofu 🌶
tofu/green beans/carrots/soy-ginger sauce/white rice

Basil Chicken 🌶
chicken ribbons/basil/bell peppers/chili garlic/Batik rice

Chicken Curry 💥
chicken/mellow yellow curry/potatoes/carrots/white rice

Hurry Curry 💥
panko crusted chicken breast/potatoes/carrots/Japanese curry/batik rice

Straits Chinese Fried Rice
traditionally Chinese/eggs/green onion/with chicken or veggie

Pineapple Fried Rice 🌶
pineapple chunks/eggs/Thai spices and sauce/with chicken or veggie

Ginger Beef (add $2) 🌶
zucchini/bell peppers/chili peppers/carrots/spicy ginger sauce/white rice

Pad Thai
rice noodles/eggs/peanuts/green onion/bean sprouts/with chicken or veggie

Singaporean Bihon 💥
rice stick noodles/cabbage/carrots/onions/green onions/curry sauce/with chicken or veggie

add/sub: Beef ($2) / Shrimp ($3)

💥 abounding in spices
🌶 chili hot