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It’s All About the Dumplings

We call our dumplings “small bundles of joy” . . . because that’s what they are. Pop a fresh and hot dumpling into your mouth and you will experience the warm, savory taste of happiness.

Dumplings are popular all over the world in various forms. The dumplings in the traditional American dish of chicken ’n dumplings are rolls of dough dropped into a boiling broth. Another type of dumpling commonly enjoyed in America is matzah balls, in matzah ball soup.

Asian dumplings offer a different, traditional take on a similar theme. In contrast to American dumplings, Asian dumplings are commonly stuffed with meat, vegetables, or both. Hot, stuffed dumplings are popular from Indonesia to China to India, and all over the Asian region

Dumplings in Asia are made by wrapping dough around meat and/or vegetables (often ground up along with spices) and either frying them or boiling them. The dumplings are served in a variety of ways, within other dishes such as rice dishes or soups, or on their own with spicy dipping sauce.

At Batik, we offer dumplings with a variety of meat and vegetable fillings and sauces. We hope you enjoy these small bundles of joy during your next visit!