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Fusion Cuisine Brings Enjoyment, Innovation

Batik offers a unique Asian fusion experience. What is it about our food that calls for the word fusion? We are proud to bring a fusion, or mix, of different cuisine styles onto our menu. At Batik, there’s a style and taste for everyone.

Fusion cuisine has become more and more popular over the past few decades. Fusion cuisine – a mix of different traditional cuisines – offers variety and uniqueness. Chefs enjoy mixing and matching foods and flavors to create something new, and diners enjoy tasting the unique creations offered.

Batik offers a fusion cuisine that focuses on the Asian region. Asia is an immense continent with a wide variety of traditional foods, so we have a lot to choose from when crafting dishes! We are proud to offer the flavors and spices that Asia is famous for, in a unique variety of forms that you will love to taste again and again.

Our menu includes dishes inspired by many different Asian nations. Options on the menu include dishes inspired by the traditional cuisines of Thailand, China, India, Japan, and more. We strive to make your Asian fusion experience a hit by offering tasty food that will make you feel like you have traveled across the world to discover it.