Welcome to Batik Asian Cuisine & Dumpling Bar

Welcome to Batik Asian Cuisine & Dumpling Bar, located in the heart of the Kentlands (in Gaithersburg, Maryland). The restaurant Batik is named after the Asian technique of cloth coloring and designing. The word Batik literally means “to dot”. Batik design typically consists of vibrant colors and exquisite patterns. Just like this ancient art form, which has survived for thousands of years and passed down from generation to generation, here at Batik, we bring to you the rich cuisine of these countries whose recipes have also survived the ages.

  • Excellent Food
  • Homemade Dumplings
  • Dine In/Take Out
  • Special Occasions & Private Parties
  • Catering Available

The food in this Asian inspired restaurant symbolizes the vibrant colors seen on Batik prints. The flavors vary from mind-popping-curry to dream-like-noodles. Our special dumplings are made with time and care, adding to the already colorful fillings.

We hope you enjoy this visit to Batik, where you experience all of Asia rolled into one.

It’s All About the Dumplings

We call our dumplings “small bundles of joy” . . . because that’s what they are. Pop a fresh and hot dumpling into your mouth and you will experience the warm, savory taste of happiness. Dumplings are popular all over the world in various forms....